Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ring My Bell!

Occasionally, I may threaten
To put my children's heads through a wall
At the Trader Joe's.

Of course, I would never.
But I do rather like the way it sounds,
Especially in the heat of the moment.

Usually, it's both heads I'm after.
Together, at the same time.
Any wall will do, really.
Today, I chose the long wall behind the pita chips.

Sending only one head flying
Hardly seems worth the effort.

"Clean-up on Aisle Two!"
The guy in charge announces
Over the loud speaker.
"Wait a minute… Never mind," he says.
"It seems I rang the bell for nothing."

They menace one another,
With incessant teasing and bickering.
They fight over samples of Reduced Guilt Ziti
And who pushes the cart better.
These things make me crazy!

Neither boy even flinches
When I suggest they mind themselves.
It's as if my rage and I are invisible.
We have no power here.
The store is too crowded.

So I send them out to the car.
"Watch after your brother," I warn.
"I will," the Big One assures me.
"Love you, Mom," the Little One says.
"I love you, too."

And through the sliding doors, they go.
One boy's arm draped over the other's shoulder.

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