Saturday, March 15, 2014


Creative writing prompts are a great way to encourage new material and help strengthen one's composition skills.  I enjoy this exercise because it's challenging, and I'm never quite sure where the words will take me.  Each thought promises endless fantastic adventure when you're Mary.  I should know because I wake up Mary every morning.  Some days are much longer than others.

Here's one:  Describe your life in ten words.  It sounds easy, but the more I think about it, I just don't know if I can do it.  I might crack under the confining pressure of the assignment.  Right off the bat, I find the parameters of such a request baffling and nearly impossible to justify.

If I had to describe my life in ten words… And there you go.  Immediately, you've got your ten words.  Exercise over.  See what I mean?  My torture is endless.

Maybe if I look at things differently.  Make a list of descriptive terms, instead.  Let's try that.  From this angle, I'd probably have a stronger start.

Okay.  Words like Happy and Joyful come to mind easily.  These are elements of speech that are fundamentally indicative of how I interpret the world and my place in it.  They do seem a bit bland, though.  How's about this?  We'll swap out Happy for Buoyant and trade in Joy for Mirth.  There, that's better.

Let's move on.  Eight words remain.  Here's where I start to consider the brevity of this undertaking.  Make smart choices, Mary.  Solid selections that accurately describe the intrinsic nature of your being.  Best look up the word intrinsic while you're at it.  Make sure you're using that one properly.

Intrinsic:  Belonging naturally, essential.
Yeah, okay.  We're good.
Have I mentioned Distracted?

, that's accurate.  Hopeful, another firm entry.  But. c'mon now.  No one's world consists exclusively of rainbows and lollipops.  It's unhealthy and sickening.  We should go deeper into the woods, beyond the doe and fawn that graze in sunlight by the opening in the trees…  There's gotta be something dark and sinister back there, chewing on the intestines of a less fortunate herbivore. Let's find it!

On second thought, we'd better not.  Excitable, yes.  Impulsive, no.

I love words.  They're all so magnificent.  Perhaps more than any other element, it is the mastery of language that sets us humans apart from the animal kingdom. For this reason, I'm quite certain I'd make a miserable cat.  Cats get one word. MEOW.  That's the question, the answer, the joke and the verdict.  It's the same for everything.  If I were a cat, I'd go crazy.  Only I'd spell krazy with a "k" just to get attention.  But who'd ever know?  My explanation would always be MEOW.  I'd be the loudest cat.  I am a loud girl.  I live a Loud life.

As humans, we have the ability to pass on knowledge and learn from more than just our own experiences.  I can talk and listen.  I can understand and empathize.  I am Friendly.

Words are powerful, but life is long and memory becomes fragile.  Words are more than merely sounds.  They must be preserved and shared in undiluted form.  So I write things down.  I enjoy being Communicative in this way.

I have one word left.
I will save it in my pocket.  It feels good to have something extra.

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