Monday, March 31, 2014

Pest Control

I went to the dermatologist recently and had that mole on my neck removed, the one my mother always called a beauty mark.  I remember when I first realized that it was back there.  I was just a child.

And now, it's gone.  Don't be sad.  I'm not.  Well, maybe I am, just a little.  I've had it since forever.  I think my neck really misses that mole on my neck.  Of course, it's hard for me to tell because my neck doesn't have a mouth and can't actually speak and share its feelings.  It just quietly rests on my shoulders, holding my head in place.

Then again, if my neck had a mouth, I'd probably have much bigger problems than that mole on my neck.  If my neck ever grows a mouth, I will definitely have it removed as soon as possible.  One mouth on me is more than enough.

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