Sunday, March 30, 2014

Love Birds

Thank you, God, for my girlfriends;
Such gorgeous, energetic birds!

They call to me with a pleasant song,
      that fills the day with music.
They perch themselves on the tree that is my life.
Together, we celebrate!

Thank you, God, for the strength to support them
      with a firm, cool place to rest.
On each branch and in every leaf, a bit of hope

And the chance to marvel at the beauty
      of these beloved creatures.

With shining eyes and bits of the world

      streaming from their feathers,
They pause in flight.
For a minute and through the years,
      building on what we share.
Together, we cherish the seasons.

Here I am, darlings!

And there, you go!
Darting here and there.
Just beautiful.

This friendship is fair and free.

Spread your wings and become the trees.
      Now, I am the bird.  Watch me!
Our love is the garden.

Thank you, God.

Knowing this love colors everything.

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