Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Let Me Explain

I keep going back inside myself.  I love to look around.  Re-examine the past and try to accept what I find.  Along the way, I can identify new feelings.  I work on my character flaws.  I  have a bunch.

I've done the most horrible things.  And because of this, I see the world in a unique way.  I like to share my experience.  I put these thoughts on paper for others to read and hopefully, feel.  "Let me explain" used to preface the biggest excuses for fucking shit up.  Now, it is simply the way I introduce my version of the truth.

And everyone's truth is different.  I am responsible for mine.  I am responsible, period.  And pleased with my progress.  This is a great position for me.  I feel pretty sturdy, most of the time.

Some mornings, I wake up extra early.  Just to get with God in the quiet of the new day.  Start the ball rolling in His presence and be in that moment where I can celebrate my faith in this beautiful relationship.  Prayer opens up the greatest possibilities in me.

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  1. I, too, align myself with the great I AM every morning, and sometimes several times a day. Just quick check-ins to keep me on track. I AM one with the creative force of the Universe is my mantra.