Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Free Tutorial

Last night, I dreamt that I wrote a tutorial.  From what I could gather, my tutorial was a pretty big deal.  It's unclear what the tutorial was about.  It's not important. Here's what I do know.  Everybody in the dream was impressed with my ability. Even though I was asleep, I experienced instant dream world popularity, and it felt very real.

A big party was thrown in my honor to celebrate me and my informative tutorial.  Food was served; fancy treats like Ritz crackers with squeeze cheese, olives and a chocolate fountain.  When conscious, I love all of these things.  Guests were approaching me left and right.  They thanked and congratulated me.  Apparently, my tutorial had changed their lives.

I recognized no one at this high profile media event.  Still, I was confident and self-assured. Most folks were friendly, and I guess that's what counts.  Some of the men at the party wore beards.  I didn't let any of those guys hug me.  Yuck.

When I woke up this morning, I realized several things.  First of all, I sleep with my mouth open and because I do, my pillow is always wet.  Next, I don't own the backless gown that I wore to the dream reception.  If I did, I'd definitely wear it all the time - even to the grocery store.  I looked sensational.  Most importantly, I wasn't even quite certain what a tutorial is.  So I did a little research.

Wow!  Tutorials are everywhere.  I'm almost pretty sure I could definitely write one.  I would make my tutorial FREE so that all people would be able to enjoy it, at no cost to them.  Now, it's just a matter of deciding what to write about.  Some people write tutorials about computers, but I'm not gonna do that because I don't really like computers all that much.

I'm more interested in other things, so I think I'll start there.

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