Friday, December 20, 2013

Cookie Jar Contest!

Loyal readers deserve cookies!
I have always said this, but it's never made any sense.  Until now!

I'll say it again.
Loyal readers deserve cookies!

When you follow the Adventures of High Wire Girl, you take big risks.  Emotional risks. Sure, it's fun but it's still risky.  Nobody appreciates that more than I do.  This time my friend, you run the risk of winning something awesome and adorable.

Enter the drawing for a chance to scoop up one of these ridiculously cute Ugly Doll cookie jars.  I just ordered them this evening and squealed with delight throughout the entire on-line purchase.  When these sweet babies arrive, I will fill them with delicious treats and send them directly to the winners' homes for endless cookie enjoyment.

Not ONE but TWO chances to win!
Under the Networked Blog section to the right of this post, click the blue Follow This Blog button to be in my cool gang.  It's that simple.

If you're already a follower, you know how cool you are!  Your name is in both drawings. Share the blog with friends so they have an opportunity to win.  Share the blog with no one if you want to improve your chances, but that's not very nice.

Stay posted for nail-biting sweepstakes updates.  I just changed it from a contest to a sweepstakes because it sounds much more exciting, and I can do what I want.

As always, thanks for supporting High Wire Girl. ooxo

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