Friday, November 22, 2013

Girl of 100 Lists

I am the girl of 100 lists.
From what shall I wear to who I have kissed.
Check patterns off, let nothing be missed.
Sing I to myself and my 100 lists.

Like many girls my age, I learned everything I needed to know about life from Belinda Carlisle. Take fabulous vacations! Waterski! Learn to lip-synch better!  Those irrepressible Go-Go's; they got so much done in a day! And you know why, don't you?  Because they made lists.

I do declare... I am the Girl of 100 Lists!  Every morning to help me get crackin', I drink some carefully orchestrated coffee and prepare the List Du Jour.  Lists help me stay organized and feel successful.  I like to use paper that has lines and a comfortable pen. Sometimes I try to match my little pen to my coffee cup, even though it's very distracting and slows me down from getting actual things accomplished.  Still, it's fun and I dare say, enchanting.

Sure, there are days when the list can be pretty tedious.  
Other times, challenges are everywhere! 
Occasionally, I put stuff on my list that is already happening.  This way, I get to cross it off right away.  I just love progress!
When I make my lists, it's like I'm saying to the world, "Hey, World!  Look at me! I
am making a list here!"  It's THAT powerful a feeling.

Lots of successful people make lists.  Santa Claus,
Led Zeppelin,
And me!

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